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Response to comments

Here’s two responses to comments from Mary and Bernardo:
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Regarding La Tour d’Argent
My husband’s stomach is better. That was our very first trip to Europe (when we were still dating). If a couple can survive the turistas on their first trip – they can survive ANYTHING. We never did get back to the Tour D’Argent. I think it was destiny. It wouldn’t be my first choice – I don’t want to go to a Michelin star restaurunt where the service makes one feel uncomfortable (given a recent guest’s comment on the Fodor’s site, I would have liked to have been a quiet observer to figure out what went wrong with their meal that they could have been so disappointed.) If anyone invites me out for a fancy dinner, I think it would be Le Grand Vefour once again – or maybe Le Meurice at the Hotel Meurice.
Bernardo, you’re right – going for lunch to gourmet restaurants is the way to go. If you’re visiting Paris in the summer, you still have long daylight hours to enjoy the parks for a stroll after lunch or visit museums which normally remain open at least one night out of the week until 9 pm. Just be prepared to have a long, leisurely lunch without planning too much for the rest of the afternoon. If you’re working on a tight schedule i.e. just one or two days in Paris, the gourmet lunch may not always be an option.