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RE: Around and About Paris by Thirza Vallois

Excerpts from Thirza Vallois’s book series “Around and About Paris” are posted at under the heading Paris Yesterday. You can also visit Thirza Vallois’w website.
Vallois describes the history of each arrondissement – the 18th which includes Montmartre, for example. If you are eager to delve into the history of a particular neighborhood, you’ll definitely want to check out these excerpts.
If you read French, Figaro Magazine has been running a description of day to day life during various eras in French history with highlights of each era. This past Sunday’s edition of Le Figaro featured Napoleon III and Haussmann in Paris. It is unusual that Napoleon III is painted in ‘heroic’ colors yet from the viewpoint of city planning and the creation of Paris as a ‘healthy’ city with potable drinking water, he deserves credit for steering the city in this direction.