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Putting on the Ritz

What should you expect from a luxury hotel in Paris? Since we’ve been traveling in France, I’ve stayed at the Ritz Hotel once – quite a few years ago. If the server who waited on our table at the Ritz Hotel restaurant is still around – he will remember me as the woman who sent back the soup that was too salty. Since then, the chef has most certainly changed (at least more than once) – but here are a couple of tips to keep in mind if you’re staying at a luxury hotel:
Luxury hotels and three-star dining do not necessarily go hand and hand. Depend on your concierge to steer you toward just the right restaurant for the occasion.
During that same stay at the Ritz, the hotel concierge booked us a table at Fontaine Gaillon restaurant (now run by Gerard Depardieu). It was a warm summer night – with a table for two on the terrace across from the fountain. And a not a hint of salt. Your concierge can make your stay in Paris sublime. As soon as you check, he or she is the first person you should see.
Certain hotel restaurants in Paris have earned Michelin stars, but you may want to choose a restaurant not only for the quality of the food but the total ambiance. Some guidebooks will include in their ratings – ambiance and price/quality ration as well as the caliber of the food and its presentation.
Many Parisians favor the Ritz Hotel, the Meurice, the Crillon, or the Intercontinental as nice backdrops for a cocktail before moving on to other locales for a late dinner or clubbing.