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Public Toilets in Paris

paristoiletParis is a city full of beautiful, historic buildings, culture, romance, stunning vistas and delicious food, but it is not a city with many public toilets. In fact, finding a place to relieve yourself during a busy day of sightseeing can be damn near impossible sometimes.

Since not one of us can avoid the call of nature (especially after downing a couple of espressos at that café and polishing off a bottle of wine at lunch) finding a place to pee on the go in Paris is an essential task—albeit a fairly difficult one. As I wrote in 12 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Paris, public restrooms in Paris are not always free or easy to find.

That being said, there are ways to get around the pesky French tendency to hiding their public restrooms. A great place to look for public restrooms (and don’t think you can waltz into a restaurant and ask to use the restroom unless you are a paying costumer) are the many parks scattered throughout the city. The Tuileries and Luxembourg gardens both have nice restrooms. Don’t be surprised to find an attendant, however, and be expected to shell out 40 to 50 centimes when you used them.

You’ll also see those intimidating, automated toilet structures on the streets of Paris. They cost a little bit of money to use, but they do the trick in a pinch. You also can find FREE restrooms in many large department stores.

Thanks to the lovely world of the internet and being able to find almost any piece of information at any time these days, there are a couple of great web sites out there that help travelers locate a public toilets anywhere in the world. And, since Paris now has hundred of free wi-fi hot spots scattered around the city, getting this information on your netbook or phone is also super easy. is a great site that allows you to type in the name of a location and up pops a map with markers showing the public restrooms. The best part of this site? It can be easily accessed on your phone.

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