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Planning a Vacation in Paris

paris-eiffel-towerRemember that episode from Sex and the City when Carrie finally arrived in Paris and was amazed by the views from her hotel room’s balcony? She always wanted to see Paris and she was there. Like her, many travelers cannot wait to arrive in Paris and they don’t exactly need reasons to travel to France . They just want to be there. Why? Because Paris is a city you fall in love with just seeing the photos and reading about it.
Luckily, cheap airfare to Paris can be found easily especially if you know how to plan your vacation. Skip the peak travel months (July and August) and plan to fly to Paris in May, June, September or October. Sure the weather might not be perfect but walking in the rain in Paris is romantic, n’est-ce pas?
Another way to save some money is to look for France travel deals . You can find round trip flights starting at $770 if you fly out of New York (in June 2010). And when it comes to accommodation, although Paris is notoriously expensive, you can find rooms starting at $39 per night.
Since the Euro is not exactly strong now and the US Dollar is gaining strength, visiting Europe during this time of the year is an excellent idea. Not only you’ll be in Paris when the crowds are low and the prices even lower but overall, your vacation will cost less. And you get to bring home more interesting stuff (clothes, accessories, etc).
If you are already in Europe, you can plan a short weekend getaway in Paris and enjoy the city with your loved one. There’s nothing more romantic than spending some time in a café, walking hand in hand along the Seine and watching the city from the Eiffel Tower. Croissant and coffee in the morning can be an excellent way to start the day.