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Pig-headed Soup Kitchens vs. No More Chicken in Every Pot

Craig Smith reports (27 Feb) in the NY Times about a soup kitchen that features ‘Identity Soup’ or Pig Soup.
Originally the soup kitchen organizers had chosen pork because it is cheaper than other meats, but it’s turned into a political issue: Help our own before others, i.e. non-pork eating immigrants.
Just curious, is anyone out there as shocked as I am by this? Has it gotten to the point where even soup kitchens have become politicized?
Believe it or not, wars have actually been fought over a pig (San Juan Islands, just across from Washington State).
Meanwhile, there may not be much more left but pork. First there was mad cow disease and now several countries (including the US )are banning French chicken imports.

In today’s ‘Le Figaro’ in the areas where infected wild ducks, swans and turkeys have been discovered, residents are being advised to keep their cats inside and their dogs on a leashes.
(One cat infected with aviary bird flu has been found in Germany).
It’s enough to make you vegetarian!