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Photo Paris

Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007

Paris in black and white? Is there any better time to appreciate the ‘Paris mood’ than in fall and winter? For amateurs and professional photographers, this is the ideal time to not only take advantage of the fall light, but November is also the month for Photo expos. One you won’t want to miss is the annual Paris Photo which opens November 15th through to November 18th. The show brings together international exhibitors and collectors.

In addition. don’t miss Photoquai, sponsored by Musee Quai Branly. This is the first international biennial of contemporary photography from Africa, Asia and Pacific Islands. Apart from the 11 indoor exhibits including Musee du Quai Branly, the Chinese Cultural Center, and the Australian Embassy, many of the photo exhibits will be outdoors along the left bank of the Seine River.

Considering that the art of photography finds its earliest roots in France, it is more than fitting that the celebration of photography as an art form should also become a part of the Paris landscape. When photography first emerged as a form of expression, it took a long time to gain recognition as an ‘art form’ here in France.

The conversion of the Jeu de Paume museum into a primarily photographic museum has also heralded photography’s ascension to the realm of ‘recognized art’. In the past the Jeu de Paume museum located at the opposite end of the Tuileries Gardens from the Louvre museum, used to house impressionist painters.

Perhaps this former ‘tennis court’ has become the decompressinng room for the questionable art forms. Jeu de Paume (Metro: Concorde) is also participating in the Photoquai exhibit which will be running in Paris until November 25th.

In the Marais district, you have the European Museum of Photography at 5/7 Rue de Fourcy. Current exhibitions include Alessandro Bertolotti and Larry Clark. I’m not quite sure why the European Museum of Photography isn’t posted on the list of Paris museums for and other Paris sites, but the last time I went to this museum, I liked the layout very much. Going back to the European Museum is definitely on my list for a return visit.

It looks like photography as art – is here to stay.
Finally, photographers can claim their place in the sun. Come join in the celebration. And don’t forget to bring your camera.

Camera tip: Photographing Paris’s favorite monuments. Many of Paris monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame or Sacre Choeur can be seen for miles and miles. You’re likely to find some exceptional vantage points from surprising places. Did you know that you can catch a great view of the Eiffel Tower from the No. 6 line going in the direction of Etoile from Edgar Quinet? Just make sure you have your camera ready because you’ll be crossing the Seine River before you know it. You can get a great shot of Sacre Choeur from the top floor of Musee d’Orsay. Try photographing the Arc de Triomphe from avenue de la Grande Armee instead of Champs Elysees.