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Pere Noel Tightens his Belt this Year

Shopkeepers are worried – it may only be the first week of December, but when it comes to holiday spending, French shoppers are remaining frugal. According to one report, the average total projected purchases will total 527 Euros this year (2008). That’s including gifts, table decorations, and holiday outings, i.e. dinners shows, etc. Even though many retailers have already begun cutting prices to entice shoppers, no one knows how to play the waiting game better than the French.

What does this mean if you’re visiting Paris during the holiday season? Expect to see fewer people on the streets, even though prices continue to drop the closer we get to Christmas and New Years. Given the fact, that the French stock exchange has recently taken a nosedive, it’s going to be a quiet holiday season for many families.

Time to count our blessings, enjoy the company of family and friends, and stay close to the fireplace.

Looking for an expensive libation in a Paris bar or cafe? Try a ‘vin chaud’ to stave off the chill winter air. ‘Vin chaud’ is a mulled wine usually served with cinnamon and sugar or honey. (Also a nice remedy for winter colds!)