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Pere Lachaise in Pictures

I’m a sucker for great photographs. Amazing pictures have, in the past, made me change travel plans to include the place in the photo. So when I find great pictures of a place I already know and love, I’m really over the moon. Such is the case with a recent batch of photos of my favorite cemetery in Paris, Pere Lachaise. A blogging friend of mine who lives in the south of France and goes by the exceptionally wonderful moniker of Miss Expatria spent some time in Paris over the New Year, and she happens to be as trigger-happy as I am with my camera. I’ve gushed over these pictures long enough, however, so it’s time for me to share them with you so you can gush over them as well.

I just think these pictures are sublime – with the ethereal light, the pensive faces on the statues, the trees growing right out of gravesites, and what looks like a dilapidated chair in the last picture… Pere Lachaise is so much more than a cemetery, it’s like a little overgrown and forgotten city.

Many thanks to Miss Expatria for giving me permission to post her photos here; be sure to check out the entire Pere Lachaise set to see the rest of them. They’re really all wonderful. And then pop over to Miss Expatria’s blog for more about life in a southern French town!

>> All photographs by Miss Expatria and used by permission; photos may not be reposted without permission of the artist.

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