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Paris’s Super Sexy, Super ‘Sympa’ Waitresses

Too much has been written about Parisian restaurants’ wait staff as being abrupt, rude, etc. It’s time to set the record straight. 90% of the time when you have a problem at a Parisian restaurant, you are part of the problem. First of all, be sure to ask the maitre d’ or the greeter where he or she would like you to sit. Fortunately, at Cafe Ruc, we learned (by asking the maitre d’) that the restaurant was only serving full meals on the terrace rather than drinks – so we were granted a seat. (This is our second time here and we have seen perfectly respectable French couples ejected from their seats if they expected to drink and not eat). Once, you understand the ‘policy’ the rest is smooth sailing.

Parisgirl is placing her vote for Cafe Ruc as having the most super sexy and super ‘sympa’ i.e. nice wait staff. (Although you’ll see on this post just the photos of Finda and Virginie, make no mistake their male counterparts are just as ‘soigne’ and suave.

But, you might ask, this is a restaurant, right, what about the food? First and foremost, be prepared to pay the piper. Right Bank dining doesn’t come cheap, especially when you consider that the Cafe Ruc is just a stone’s throw from the Louvre on Rue Saint Honore. If you’re looking for a quick beer and a sandwich after a long visit at the Louvre, this is not the place for you.

On the other hand, if you have a sudden urge for a plate of sliver thin carpaccio accompanied by a hearty Cote du Rhone – or a fresh Caesar salad and club sandwich – this is the ideal place to while away a few hours – far from the maddening crowd at the Carrousel du Louvre.

Items can be ordered from the menu a la carte ranging from 9 Euros for appetizers to between 19 and 26 Euros for main courses. Vegetarian dishes such as a stir-fried vegetarian plate are available as a main course.

What we really appreciated was the maitre’d’s efforts to maintain an ambiance of calm in a very congested neighborhood. This is a street where tour buses drop off their passengers to visit the Louvre – so you might want to reserve a table indoors if you’re looking for total calm, but we enjoyed watching the passing foot traffic – plus we had the good luck to have Finda for our waitress. Charming and efficient. The entire wait staff works as a team to bring out plates while they’re piping hot.

And I haven’t yet mentioned the ‘mashed potatoes’. These may possibly be the best mashed potatoes in Paris.

Other restaurants in town may boast about having waitresses that could double as fashion models, but only Cafe Ruc (in my experience) can boast of having the sexiest and most super ‘sympa’ wait staff in town. But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself!

Cafe Ruc
159 Rue Saint-Honore
Tel. 01 42 60 97 54
Reservations suggested.
Metro: Palais Royal