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Paris's Mayor Proposes 'Autolib'

The City of Paris’s bike rental program called ‘Velib’ has met with such resounding success that Paris’s mayor Bertrand Delanoe has proposed a comparable short term car rental service called ‘Autolib’. ‘Autolib’ would put app. 2000 cars into play. Sounds like fun. How Paris taxi drivers might respond to this program remains to be seen.
In his bid for reelection, Delanoe also has promised more subsidized housing for middle and low income residents as well as day-care centers. He’s quoted in today’s ‘Le Parisien’: “My adversaries are conservatism and lack of sincerity.”
Some of his additional quotes sound very much like Nicolas Sarkozy’s pitch – i.e. I know not every Parisian will have voted for me but I intend to be the mayor for every Parisian etc. (Sincerely?)