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Parisians in Normandy

Eric and Lila live and work in Paris, so it’s always a surprise when Eric comes to Normandy to discover how much he knows about plants and animals. First he gives us an update on what we should do to spruce up the rose garden (he has a rose garden on his balcony in Paris). He must have a magic touch because a week after his arrival in Normandy the roses miraculously began to bloom. Ask Eric about any sort of animal and he can tell you something you never knew. For example, take moles. Why do moles dig galeries? They don’t dig them to get from point a to point b. They dig the holes (that mess up your lawn) so that the worms on top will dangle down to be conveniently eaten whenever a mole might want to have a snack. So just think of all those mole hills as Golden Arches.
Eric & Lila