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paris_wordWhen you’re looking at a site that’s described as a “Paris travel guide” then you might think the whole thing is basically a set of Paris travel tips. And in many ways, you’d be right. But there is much more packed into this site than just travel-specific information, so we thought it would be handy to put all the biggest and most important travel tips for Paris into one post so that you could find it easily. Consider this a table of contents, if you will, for the Paris travel tips we’ve covered over the years on WhyGo Paris.

Despite having several years’ worth of articles to sift through on this site, it’s quite likely that we’re missing something here – so if you arrived on this page looking for something in particular and you’re not finding it, please let us know. Maybe it’s in the archives and we forgot to link it up. Maybe it’s here but worded in a way that’s not as clear as it could be. And maybe we haven’t written it yet – and your suggestion could spur us to do so!

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