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Plan Your Visit to Coincide with Free Museum Days: Paris Travel Tip #8

When booking your flights, carefully pick your dates in Paris to include either the first Sunday of the month, Museum Night i (Nuit des Musees) in May or Heritage Days in September (Journees du Patrimoine). On the first Sunday of each month, a number of Paris’s museums are open free to the public (including the Louvre).

Museum Night which is an event occurring throughout Europe allows you to visit designated Paris museums free-of-charge during the evening hours.

This year’s Heritage Days (2008) was extended to an entire weekend to visit cultural landmarks including some governmental buildings (including the Presidential digs at the Elysees Palace).

Normally these events are planned when Parisians still be in town – so take advantage of low-season air flights – but just remember to book your stay around the dates for these free event which will normally be posted on Parislogue.

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