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Getting Over-the-Counter Medications in Paris: Paris Travel Tip #12

OTC medications you may not find in France. If you take melatonin for your jet lag or Excedrin for your headaches, you won’t find either of these two OTCs in French pharmacies. Melatonin is not sold because it hasn’t been approved. Aspirin mixed with caffeine has been banned because it’s considered to be too harsh on the stomach lining.

For some of us caffeine addicts, it’s hard to believe that anything with a little caffeine thrown in for good measure could be anything but good – but ‘Vive la difference!’ Just make sure you have your Excedrin stash if that happens to be your headache reliever of choice.

That being said, French pharmacies are well stocked with every imaginable sort of pain reliever for your migraines, sinus headaches and whatever other pain threatens to wreck your trip.
Doliprane is the name of the headache medication most commonly suggested by pharmacists.

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