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Paris – The Place to ‘Do Yourself In’?

Don’t even think about it! But, yes, Paris seems to be a popular place not only to visit, but to do yourself in. Over the weekend I was chatting with some Parisians about the unfortunate surprise one of their fellow apartment owners discovered when returning from her vacation. Her brother had asked to use her apartment while she was gone. Little did she know he wanted it as a literal jumping off place for the ultimate trip.
“Just imagine, he could have easily landed on our balcony!” my friend gasped. As it turned out, even this ultimate statement was botched up as the poor fellow landed on the street pavement and unfortunately survived long enough to be rushed to the hospital yet not soon enough to be saved.
Apparently jumping from one’s apartment window or balcony seems to be farely common. Our apartment had one and other apartments that I’ve stayed at have also had their share of jumpers.
The more sensible place to jump would seem to be the Seine. Recently a heroic man didn’t think twice before leaping in to save a women who apparently was not pleased by his efforts.
The best book I’ve read about jumping in has been Corelli’s WORMWOOD (The Virtual Absinthe Museum, a great 19th century style moody description of Paris’s absinthe culture.
So, if you find yourself down in the dumps in Paris, or having the ‘cafard’ as we say here, just remember that you are NEVER alone. Or call the Suicide Hotline in Paris which is Suicide Ecoute:
Tel. 01 45 39 40 00

WORMWOOD: A DRAMA OF PARIS (You see an excerpt of this book on the site:
By Marie Corelli

Published 1890 by Richard Bentley & Son, London.