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Paris Street Fashion: Right Bank Street Fashion

You know what you see in the fashion magazines and on the runway, but what are Parisians wearing in the Metro and on the streets? It’s October – and if there’s one fashion accessory that’s de ‘rigueur’ (and it has nothing to do with fashion, but common sense) it’s the neck scarf.

Smart Parisiens and Parisiennes don a scarf round their necks as soon as there’s a cold snap – even if the sun is shining brightly on an October afternoon (as it is today). We met Jean-Philippe in the Metro today – and you’ll note that he’s wearing his scarf. Merci Jean-Philippe pour la photo!

Right Bank style for men (particularly if you’re doing business in the stylish 8th arrondissement) suggests a classic suit in sober shades – but softened with a pastel tie (if you choose to wear one) or pastel color shirts. The suits are often jet black with a slight sheen. But, as you can see, the suits range from jet black to shades of gray. Baby blue ties seem to be popular today – but also porcelain pink. Save your sense of whimsy for your socks. That’s where Parisian men show their playfulness – everything else (on the Right Bank) is strictly business!

Women’s Street Fashion

Dare I say ‘same old, same old’. Black, black and more black, but I’ve noticed more dark brown leather bomber jackets coupled with jeans or tweed pants. High black boots with opaque stockings and shorts. Dangling earrings, hoop earrings and wide stretch headbands.

Here are some past photos from Parisgirl’s Metro and street fashion encounters: