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Paris Spring Fashion 2008: Fashion Photo Contest

Pack your best pair of jeans and you can go just about anywhere in Paris, but you may want to do some shopping (quoi?) while in Paris. Or, you can enjoy excellent shopping in France’s major cities which are just a hop, skip and a jump from Paris by train.
This outfit came from a shop in Caen and represents the ‘layered look’. Actually, while trying on this outfit in the store I couldn’t help but think of the Shirley Temple film ‘Heidi’ where Heidi has to peel off layer after layer of clothes during her trek from the mountains to the city.
Still, this outfit has a lot of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ country charm – plus boots, of course – or ballerina slippers for warmer weather. You’ll note that the skirt is reversible – in fact, it’s hard to tell which is right side/wrong side because the side hems are all stitched on the right side. This is the clothing version of Centre Pompidou.
Parislogue readers, I do apologize for not finding the likes of ‘top models’ to pose for these fashion posts. None of them have been knocking down the doors to get top billing on one of my fashion posts – but if there’s any Parisians reading this post – who think they deserve to be featured in one of our Spring Fashion posts – please attach photos and e-mail me. I will post your street fashion photos. Just wear what you would normally wear on any day in Paris.
Primarily we want readers to know what type of fashion they’re most likely to encounter on the streets of Paris – not the runway or the department store.
First prize for this fashion photo contest is a complimentary hot chocolate at Chocolatitudes
(A full-size cup of hot chocolate – not the demitasse size).
Please include with the photos the name of the photographer, the name of the subject and permission from both subject and photographer to post this photo on Parislogue.
Deadline is June 21st, 2008 (The first day of summer).
P.S. You don’t have to be a born-and-bred Parisian to contribute. The only requirement is to be in the streets of Paris between now and June 21st (you’ll note that the above picture was taken indoors – so it would be disqualified).