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Paris Plage: Tips from Beach Regulars

Want to hear the advice from Paris Plage regulars. Nadir Dendoune’s two videos (Le Parisien/Loisirs) for Le Parisien give you not only a nice picture of the Porte de la Villette, Paris Plage’s most recent addition, but also a little advice from Parisians who use the beach:
One interviewee suggests getting to the Paris Plage in the morning, early enough to snap up a lounge chair before they’ve been cornered for the day. She says ‘Go for the cloth chairs. The wooden lounge chairs are extremely uncomfortable.’ Another habituee suggests going during the week, rather on weekends.
“Once you get a lounge chair, don’t let go of it!”
Be sure to watch the second video to the very end – the last interviewees are two typical Parisian dogs.
Sorry not to be able to provide you with a direct link for this one: Just visit today’s Parisien (August 14) (if the direct link below doesn’t get you there) and you ‘ll be able to link to either Paris Plage Photos or Video.