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Paris Night Spots: Le Crazy Horse

As Research Girl commented, some prefer the Crazy Horse when it comes to Paris’s cabarets. After a complete renovation, the Crazy Horse has just reopened its doors.

The biggest difference between the Crazy Horse and the other ‘feather bars’ is the fact that the women at the Crazy Horse don’t wear any feathers. Nevertheless, rather than raunchy, you’ll often see Crazy Horse being billed as ‘aesthetic’ or ‘artistic’. Others consider it to be much more risque than Le Moulin Rouge or the Lido. If you’ve been to Hamburg shows, you might well think just the opposite. Personal taste and opinions rule when it comes to defining where good taste begins and ends. So, all I can definitely tell you is that cabarets are adult entertainment. Find a babysitter for the kids.

When it comes to Paris nightlife,visiting the cabarets is considered by some visitors an essential part of exploring ‘Paris by Night’. Crazy House and other cabarets build upon a rich history of past performers. Here’s where vocalist Charles Aznavour got his start – for example. Many of Paris’s cabarets are associated with top performers ranging from Aznavour to Edith Piaf. Elvis Presley was known to frequent the Moulin Rouge – and even Frank Sinatra made showed up on occasion. Even Maxims which is more very sedate in comparison (and has no show, just dinner and music for dancing) was featured in The Merry Widow with Maurice Chevalier as a lively and bawdy establishment in its day.

Crazy Horse is not alone in its efforts to create a new, updated look.
The Bobino on Rue de la Gaite, famous for past performers including the inimitable Josephine Baker has also gained a new lease on life, having just reopened this year.

If you are interested in getting a sneak preview of the Crazy Horse show, you can check out their website

12, avenue George V
Métro :
George V
tel :
01 47 23 32 32
fax :
01 47 23 48 26

Show times :

Monday to Friday: 8:30 pm & 11:00 pm

Saturday: 7 :30pm, 9 :45pm & 11 :50 pm

How to get to Crazy Horse :

75008 PARIS

Line 9 – Metro Alma Marceau
Line 1 – Metro George V
Bus Lines :72. 43. 80. 63. 92. Alma Marceau Stop