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Paris Je T’Aime – More Reviews

In today’s International Herald Tribune (, Kristin Hohenadel reports on Paris Je T’Aime. Although portions of the twenty vignettes are in English, it is surprising to read that to date the film has no distributor in the United States. Hohenadel quotes Emmanuel Benibihy, the co-producer saying that the “myth of Paris as a city of love is an international myth.” At the end of the article, she goes on to say that Benibihy will develop a ‘Cities of Love’ film brand.
Didn’t this start with ‘I Love New York’? and is it possible that if Paris Je T’Aime were distributed in the US it could be vulnerable to a lawsuit by whoever invented the ‘I Love New York’ theme? Can cities be trademarked? If there were ever a way to take the romance out of a city, marketing the city as a City of Love would definitely be the first step to taking away its romance.
When it comes to ‘romantic cities’ like Paris, Rome and Venice, it would be interesting to know how many newly-wed couples or fiances have broken up as a result of their trip to romantic cities. Does your own romance ‘live up’ to the backdrop?