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Paris is waking up – it’s September!

Even though it seems like summer, everyone is back in town, and the city is in full swing. Business people are here for a number of shows and conventions like the ‘Salle des Cadeaux’ or the ‘gift show’ where boutique owners purchase all the little knick-knacks that will eventually find their way into your suitcase or adorning someone’s bookshelf here in France.
One event open to the public is the annual auto show at Porte de Versailles. It begins September 30th until October 15. This is a fun show if you’re interested in seeing what French car designers have in mind for the coming years. Peugeot will be showing it’s 908 RC “Men in Black” with its V-12 diesel engine placed in back. This is the car that will compete against the Audi at the 2007 Le Mans races. You’ll also be able to see Citroën’s C-Métisse which is supposed to evoke the ‘mythical’ SM (as described in Le Figaro by Jacques Chevalier). If you haven’t figured it out by now, the French really do love cars. If the visit to the annual car show whets your appetite for more car gawking in France, you must go to Mulhouse to see the eye-popping 120 Bugattis which are just a miniscule part of a vast collection of primarily European cars spanning the history of the automobile.

This is also the month for antique collectors who come for the annual antique show which this year will be in the Grand Palais (starting Septmember 15th). Up until recently, it’s been held in the Carrousel du Louvre which you can reach by descending the steps right next to the Carrousel du Louvre opposite the Louvre esplanade, leading into the Tuileries gardens. All sorts of conventions are held here which are open to the public. The themes range from artisans of France to chocolate makers.

Check out the Techno parade which will be held this year on September 16, starts and finishes at Place de la Bastille. The parade route is three miles long. Paris is expecting about 400,000 technophiles. The slogan of this concert is ‘Increase the sound against hunger!’ for more information.