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Paris Hotel Reviews: Can you trust them?


How trustworthy are internet hotel reviews? I’m just putting this question out there because I‘m constantly amazed at the variety of reviews one can find for the same Paris hotel! You’d think ten people must have stayed at ten totally different hotels.

You’ll note this to be the case on Trip Advisor reviews – so if you have time to read every review carefully, you’ll be able to get a better picture than just reading one negative review and moving on – be sure to read to the end – and the more reviews the better to get the real picture.

If you want to go the hostel route in Paris, be sure to check out Bootsn’all com’s Peace & Love hostel review. Or for inexpensive hotels, you can refer to the BNALL hotel listings for Paris..
Another tip on hostel reviews is to visit BNALL’s Europe Travel Forum, Key in a search for Paris Hostels or Paris Hotels and all the past threads on these subjects will come up. (You need to be a BNALL member to do this – don’t worry, there’s no initiation involved (except the Thorntree Refugee avatar!).

I have to also mention here Slow Trav’s Paris hotel reviews.
Be sure to compare Linda’s review of Hotel Henri IV Rive Gauche with Aussie Pen’s review at Trip Advisor. Getting accused of stubbing out a cigarette in a balcony planter – which subsequently falls on a passerby’s head. And you don’t even smoke? How Fellini-esque can you get?I’ve just finished reading some of Kim and Linda’s hotel reviews, and I would trust their judgement to not miss out on any detail. If you’ve already read Kim’s minute description – with photos of the Paris Metro system – you can see that she’s got that ‘detail-oriented’ quality that evades many of us ‘artsy’ folk.