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Packing for your Paris Honeymoon

Sandals found at My Dream Wedding
Travel light – and you’ll be glad you did.
What to bring with you:
Cool shades.
Your best-fitting jeans.
An impeccably cut black or navy blazer.
Converse trainers for walking.
‘Just Married’ sandals for Paris Plage and Deauville/Trouville.
Cashmir pullover for cool evenings.
Pocket-size digital camera with extra memory stick and extra batteries.
Corkscrew for spur of the moment picnics on the Seine.
Raingear for summer cloudbursts (i.e. Travelsmith raincoats that roll up into pouches)
Adaptor plugs (220 volt) Make sure your camera attachments cords fit the adaptor plug socket.
For the bride:
Outrageous lingerie.
Little black dress
Cool shades.
Best-fitting jeans
Converse or Ballerina flats for walking.
What to leave at home:
Jewelry. Better to leave expensive jewelry at home (in a safe deposit box!) when you travel – espcecially on your honeymoon. Parisians are unimpressed by flashy diamonds. A simple gold bangle goes a long ways.
Electrical equipment i.e. hairdryers, not appropriate for 220 volt current.
Haircare products, lotions, skincare products. These products are all readily available at any French pharmacy of at Monprix.
Quad-band cellular phone. If this is an item you that you refuse to part with – even for your honeymoon trip, be sure to bring it – unlocked, so you can use local sim cards).
Cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is now banned in all bars and cafes. You can get a fine for smoking.
Knock-off designer handbags. (Carrying them is illegal in France!)
The fewer things you pack, the happier you’ll be. If you can get away with strictly carry-on – that’s even better. Buy a bag at any Paris outdoor market, the flea market or Monoprix for the goodies you plan on bringing back home.