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Packing for Paris and Beyond: RTW

Here is a short update on packing for a round-the-world trip starting and finishing in Paris. Although you may not be planning for Paris as part of a RTW trip, Paris can also be a good stopover point for destinations in Africa, particularly, French speaking countries in West Africa. If you fly first to Paris, you have a day or two to recover from jet lag before beginning a safari or jeep trip.

Combining destinations in different geographic locations can be particularly challenging for packing, especially when you’re traveling from hot to cold climates.

My suggestion for female travelers is to be sure to include at least one or two dressy, conservative skirts – preferably dark colors for Paris in autumn, or softer tones and lighter fabric for tropical climates.


Enroute, headed back to Paris, I’m finding ample opportunity for long skirts, especially at cocktail hour, but also just for walking around town during the day.

In fact, as we’ve just learned in Yap (Federation of Micronesian Territories), Micronesia, showing the thighs is definitely not cool. (Younger women here tend to wear extra long shorts which skim the knees) We’ve been swimming in lava-lavas, aka, sarongs. Interesting. Especially when you try to get out of the water with sarong and fins. Is this where mermaids were born?

So, remember these packing essentials:
Black trousers.
Dressy skirt (black or softer colors for tropics)
(conservative length)

Flashlight (yes, even for Paris!) Always pack a flashlight, no matter where you go.
Ziplock bags – no matter where you go.