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Olympic Flame in Paris

dsc04049.jpgdsc04061.jpgdsc04057.jpgThe Olympic Flame arrived in Paris via Gare du Nord – the same way many British visitors would arrive via Eurostar (It would have been really something if rather than arrive by train – the runners could have run through the chunnel. Maybe that would have been one place where the security headaches could have been avoided.)
Scheduled for 12:30 pm, events at the Eiffel Tower starting point for the relay actually began sooner than expected. That in itself is extraordinary for any official event in Paris ( French television missed filming the first ‘incident’ of the day with a protester attempting to take the torch out of the hands of Olympic runner Stephane Diagana just as he finished his descent from the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower.)
French police are here in force and doing their job – which is to maintain order while allowing peaceful protests to be conducted as long as protests do not obstruct the course of the Olympic flame.