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No more room at Notre Dame!

Julie Cloris reports for today’s Le Parisien ‘Fait du Jour’ that almost 5000 showed up to pay their respects to the recently deceased Archbishop Jean-Marie Lustiger. Cloris’s article is very touching if you can read in French – she quotes a 73 year old woman who described Archbishop Lustiger as a man who refused to be pigeonholed. He was a free man – he called himself Catholic and Jewish even it that wasn’t well-taken in Israel. Part of the prayers were read in Hebrew, Aramic (the language of Christ’s time) and French.

The Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris has room for 3000 people. Those that couldn’t squeeze inside had a large screen to watch outside of the cathedral.

Some of the notables that attended the funeral services included Lech Walesa among the many anonymous admirers who felt that the archbishop had touched their lives in some way.

Well I guess I won my wager (well half of it) (August 8th Paris Girl comment)– President Sarkozy DID make a return trip to France, having interrupted his family vacation in New Hampshire to attend the archbishop’s funeral services.
Bravo! Tres chic.