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Mushrooming in France

Normally, on an October Friday in Paris, I’d be thinking about heading south to the Loire Valley to spend the weekend with friends – in the serious pursuit of mushrooms. There, you’ll find Cepes, Bolets, Pied de Moutons, Chanterelles, Trompettes de la Mort.

Mushrooming in October has become one of our annual rituals – so it is my GREAT regret that I will be absent for this years’ outing. We are thinking of all of you! Fellow mushroomers. Meanwhile, we wend our way slowly but most assuredly back to Paris – perhaps in time for the remnants of the mushrooming season. With a little luck, there may be a few of death’s trumpets (trompettes de la mort) or sheep’s feet (pied de mouton) to be had. Otherwise we will content ourselves with the array of wild mushrooms that find their way to Paris’s outdoor markets.

While you are in Paris you may want to try ‘girolles’ or ‘chanterelles’ or the fleshy ‘cepes’.

It’s easy to get to the Loire Valley region from Paris. Just hop on a train and then head for ‘Montresor’ one of the most lovely villages in France.
Photo by Chris Card Fuller ©2007