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Museum Muse: Quai Branly

Quai Branly has quickly replaced the Grand Palais as the ‘museum of the moment’ since its opening this June. The museum that boasts 300,000 objects representing the artistic splendours of Africa, Pacific Islands, the Americas, and Asia.

Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 6:30 pm and Thursday evenings until 9:30 pm.
Entrance from Rue de l’universite alongside the gardens.

Plan your visit for the first Sunday of the month and the entrance is free! Otherwise it costs 8.50 Euros or 13 Euros for a ‘day at the museum which gives you access to special shows.
Metro stops:
Pont d’Alma (RER) C
Pont d’Iena
Bir Hakeim
Tel. 01 56 61 70 00

It’s definitely worth checking out the Quai Branly Museum website. You can view specific collection items (Discover the collection- catalogs)

In last Friday’s Intl. Herald Tribune. Caroline Brothers interviewed museum-goers. A Senegalese visitor stated that “on the African continent, there is nothing left and ‘that everything that was a treasure could be found in this museum.” I wonder if that visitor has had the opportunity to visit the National Museum in Mali It should not be forgotten amid the fanfare of Quai Branly.

No matter what one tries to construct in Paris, there’s bound to be some criticism. In this case, one of the main critics would be the ethnologue, Bernard Dupaigne, from the Musee de l’Homme (which formerly housed many of the objects which have been transferred to Quai Branly).

According to a story in “Aujourdhui Friday June 23” he criticizes the museum for proudly exhibiting musical instruments in a large column which is sadly not air-conditioned. (Imagine what this summer’s heat wave must have done!). He’s so hopping mad he’s written a book called “Le Scandale des Arts Premiers”. I can imagine having your museum emptied out after spending a lifetime searching for the world to build it – must be a bitter pill to swallow.