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More Strike News

So today, CGT confirms, what Parislogue had already surmised, “We don’t want to perturb the Rugby World Cup,” CGT stated in today’s Le Figaro (September 21, 2007).

However the tentative strike day is no longer October 17. It’s been moved back to October 18, 2007 to respect ‘Le Refus de la Misere’ day i.e. Rufusing World Misery Day.

Strike organizers suggest that the final decision about going on strike depends on their meeting next week with the Work Minister Xavier Bertrand. RATP’s unions have also decided to hold off on calling a strike until they’ve had a chance to air their grievances with the work minister. If RATP unions strike, that would have an impact on Metro service in Paris.

To keep up to date on strike information, you can check either Le Figaro or Le Parisien for daily updates. Unfortunately, Le Figaro’s English translation focuses mostly on international news items. The word for ‘strike’ in French is ‘greve’ – a very useful word to know.

The word for ‘labor union’ is ‘syndicat’.1995strike1.jpeg