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More on Versailles

No two visits to the same place will ever be the same. I’m really glad that we arrived so late in the day on a Sunday afternoon even though we knew that Sundays had to be the worst day of the week (outside of Monday when the chateau is closed) for visiting.
It’s true that we had to wade through scores of tour groups even as late as four pm, yet by the time we ended up in the gardens and wended our way down to the Brasserie La Flottille for dinner, the crowds began to thin out. Before we know it, it was 8 pm and the waiters were closing up the cafe. We realized if we wanted to get back to our car in the parking lot in front of the chateau we’d have to jog back through the garden, but here was the treat. All those scores of tourists were gone – with the exception of a few stragglers. Birds were chirping. The reflecting pools of the fountains caught the very last illuminations of day. One couple sat on the steps hypnotized by effect of nightfall on the still waters.
Earlier in the afternoon, I had wished that all the people would just ‘disappear’ . If all wishes could come true so easily – all one has to do is wait . . . and every day comes to its end. Even at Versailles.
Wait for the ‘last call’ before the closing of the gates – and you will be richly rewarded with a gift that only the patient visitor can receive.