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Meeting Parisians

The best place to meet Parisians is outside of Paris. Over the weekend, we were in a medieval village called St. Suzanne to celebrate the birthdays of some very dear friends. At the party, I met Matthieu who is a Parisian.
Matthieu wanted to practice his English and also ask some questions about New York City. He wanted to know the differences between New York and Paris. I told him although I haven’t lived in New York for quite a few years, I’d say off hand that the pace of life in New York is very fast.
He also wanted to know if Paris in reality lived up to the dreams of American visitors – so if any of you are reading this, maybe you can answer his questions. He said that some day he’d like very much to come to New York.
BTW, if you’re looking for St. Suzanne on a map of France, it’s not that far from Paris – in the Mayenne region tucked in between Brittany and Normandy. St. Suzanne is a medieval fortified village that claims to be one of the few forts that withstood William the Conqueror’s attention – he wasn’t foolish enough to take on the fort without setting up an observation campsite a few kilometers from the fort’s base. His soldiers tried to starve out the hill top fortress, but didn’t succeed. You could say tht St. Suzanne achieved what England was unable to do – keep William the Conqueror at bay.
St. Suzanne’s Musee de l’auditoire has some goodies that would make Paris jealous. Such as the ‘oldest’ coat of armor which dates back to the time of Joan of Arc’s battles in the Hundred Years War.
Definitely worth a detour.