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Marche de la Creation

Sundays at Edgar Quinet 14eme, Metro: Edgar Quinet is the day you can visit the Marche de la Creation (artists’ market). We’re going there this morning before heading out to Versailles. Several years ago, we met a Brooklyn water color artist, Maurer, who’s lived in Paris since the 1960s. Because he spoke such good French, Chris didn’t realize at first he was talking to a fellow New Yorker. He told us about life in Paris in the 1960s when your cafe was not only a place to have a cup of coffee but also the place where you collected your mail, and if you didn’t have enough money you could probably have a cup of coffee on credit until the end of the month.
Normally, the site of the Marche de la Creation is a public market place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Yesterday, Kate found more unusual necklaces (several for 14 Euros in total).
We liked Maurer’s watercolor of the Luxembourg markets so much – we had bought one of his prints, and ended up buying the original as well. Although we haven’t seen Maurer there in recent years, we hope we bump into him one of these days.