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Marche de la Creation

About 120 artists are represented at the Marche de la Creation, Metro: Edgar Quinet, 14eme. They vary in talent – one of the participating artists emphasized her background at various schools. She whispered to us, “Some here are just amateurs.”
During our visit, I received a lesson about bamboo. The artist told me: Bamboo is often featured in Chinese paintings because it’s a symbol of wisdom. And strength. But most importantly, the ability to be flexible. You remain faithful to your own values, but know how to concede to the situation at hand.
The artist showed me one of his paintings which featured three bamboo stalks – this represents three generations of one family.
“Cultured people often have paintings of bamboo in their living rooms.”
For a moment, I forgot I was at an outdoor art show and thought I had had the good luck to find a wise teacher – maybe if you are lucky – you will find this teacher also.
Certainly he has many stories to tell.