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Le Gros Lot: 600 Kilos of Cocaine

Yes, the French police have done it again. Add this bit of vocabulary to your French vocabulary basket: ‘Le Gros Lot’ which translates as ‘The Big Win’ from whence we get the word Lottery. (Pronounced the same as l’eau). In this case the gros lot was found right smack in the middle of the gros l’eau, just off the Normandy coastline.

600 kilos of cocaine at 16 to 18 million Euros street value is a pretty good catch, considering that all this was hoisted in off one sailing boat which had made its way across the Atlantic up to France’s Normandy coastline.

Police brought the sailing boat and its ‘gros lot’ into port at Cherbourg. The case will be handled in Caen and Rouen.