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Jet Lag Relief: Cheap Meals at Strange Hours

If you’re converting dollars to Euros, the news is grim. We ‘ve spent the last few days scouting out restaurants in traditionally inexpensive neighborhoods – the Latin Quarter and Montparnasse, and even with serious self-control i.e skipping dessert or the second beer or glass of wine, the bill is going to be a little more than you’d like.
So here it is:
You’ll be hardpressed to dine for less than $35 for two people i.e 23 Euros. That being said, you can be radical about this and cut out all beverages except a carafe of tap water, order a ‘menu’ at 9 Euros and come in at less than $35.00 but then without a glass of wine or beer – – – would you still be on holiday?
Price for continental breakfast in cafes starts at 6 Euros for Coffee, Tea, and Croissant or buttered baguettes and Orange Juice.
Here, you might do better at some of the coffee/bakery shops on some of the main avenues like Pause-Cafe (or at the train stations).
Last night we dined at Hoshi, 11,Rue de la Gaite which specializes Yakitori and Sushi. Menus or grilled meat and fish start at 5.80 Euros which includes a bowl of soup, cabbage and a bowl of rice. This is one of the best prices we’ve found for a complete menu (not including drinks or dessert).
11 Rue de la Gaite
Metro: Edgar Quinet or Gaite
Dinner service starts early and take away is possible.
After our second visit to Hoshi we receive a warm greeting from the proprietor. Salmon and tuna are seared to perfection.