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Je ne suis pas 'Une Petite Anglaise': Blogging dangerous to your marital bliss?

The eve before catching my train into Paris from Normandy, one of our neighbors carefully pulled me aside and handed me a copy of this past Sunday Times (February 17the) ‘My Online Liaison Dangereuse by Catherine Sanderson’
“You need to read this. It reminds me of you.”
It would take a long time to explain, but Parislogue is a travel guide – not a blog. So I could have told our neighbor to rest assured that there is no need to worry.
I may be obsessed with a computer screen – but that’s only because the words don’t come easy and writing about Paris EVERY day can be a challenge. Actually, the idea of heading into Paris on my own – even for a few days is daunting. Being part of a couple for almost twenty years makes you feel totally lost when you do separate – even for a few days.
In my mind, there’s a big difference between ‘blogging’ and ‘loguing’. Loguing’ is just as obsessive. But the main point is to help you find your fantasy Paris – not to impose. Hopefully the tips at the top of the page will get you from the airport to central Paris, and happily installed in the lodgings of your choice to explore and discover your very own Paris.
I try to keep the information as up to date as possible.
What you won’t find on Parislogue is a version of ‘reality TV’.
My first lunch alone – in a long time at the local brasserie in our neighborhood had a very sweet ending. The waiter drew a picture for me on the paper table cloth: I recognized the face immediately. It was my husband wearing one of his favorite hats.
“You remembered!”
“Bien sur!”
I saved the sketch. This is what I love about Paris and why I love him.