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It’s official-France is going Green!

That is, not politically, but on the plate. Le Figaro Magazine (Sunday May 14) announced that the ‘salade verte’ is in vogue.
I know this is true because during a recent visit to Cahors, we ate at a restaurant bordering the Lot River. The chef told us:

“If anyone who orders the salade verte aux herbes can guess the names of each herb will get the salad for free.”

I was only able to pick out the chives.

France’s going green is good news for vegetarians visiting Paris. You should be much more likely to find interesting salads on more menus. Actually in the last fifteen years there’s been a trend toward bigger salads. And the salads are not just for dieters.

As we discovered in the medieval town of Martel. Une salade copieuse consisted of foie gras, duck magret, smoked ham, etc. No chance of going hungry or losing any kilos here.

Which leads me to the next bit of official news. The French are getting fatter, according to a recent report in the International Herald Tribune. There’s discussion about changing the measurements of dress sizes. I’m not sure this is the ultimate solution.