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It’s almost Springtime in Paris – Time to deWorm.

We were sitting around the luncheon table after a lovely meal – and how did we get on the subject of worms anyhow? “Your body is filled with worms,” Jean Pierre assured me. “That’s why we take a deworming pill in the spring and fall.”
I don’t know how common this practice is in Paris, but what I do know is that if you go to your local pharmacy and ask for a vermifuge like Fluverval the OTC is readily available. Fluvermal is an anti-parasitic. This bit of information came in particularly handy after a trip to Mali.
Fluvermal is less invasive than anti-parasitics like Flagyl (which is a prescription drug).
You take just one pill and then in fourteen days, you take a second pill which is supposed to rid your digestive track of parasites.
BTW, if you’ve already read Almost French (the chapter about the unpasteurized cheese tasting, you might start to get the picture).
Okay, so maybe this isn’t your idea of Paris in the Spring – but life is composed of many elements and even the lowly worm deserves a little respect.