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Is Paris the most beautiful city in the world?

It has been called that. But I notice that those that call it the most beautiful city (at least recently) are trying to sell something. We just returned from Venice. The day guide who lauded the beauties of Venice as we were motoring across the Adriatic from Piran, Sloveniacalled Venice the most beautiful city in the world. It is such a fragile and fleeting label. Calling a city beautiful certainly takes off the pressure for city planners to rest on their beautiful laurels. Even though Charles de Gaulle airport is not within the city limits of Paris, it really ‘gauls’ me to gain access to this most ‘beautiful city’ through the most ugliest of avenues CDG Terminal 1. Meanwhile, arriving in Venice by catamaran crossing the Adriatic from Piran – is verging on the sublime.
I love both these cities – Venice and Paris – and Piran has found a special place in my heart as well. Though it’s a very small in comparison – it is the perfect embellishment.
Hey Paris! Where’s the grand arrival statement? And who will have the courage to take France’s hard-earned taxes to welcome more visitors? Is it worth it?