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Insatiable thirst for Harry Potter

BBC reports that a French teenager has been sued for translating the latest Harry Potter book into French on the internet. Aside from the issue of protecting authors copyrights, one might also question the place for traditional book publishers in our needs for INSTANT Potter gratification. Who can bear to wait for the cumbersome translation processes of big publishing houses when a ‘whippersnapper’ on the net can translate this tome in no time flat. According to the BBC the sixteen-year-old came out with a translation within days after the June release. The official Gallimard French translation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released on October 26, 2007.

Given France’s push to hold on to their young, brainy kids, I’d hope that once this translating whizz kid has been explained the ins and outs of copyright (for which we all need a reminder now and then!) he will be snapped up by one of the French publishing houses to get those bestsellers out there in the langue francaise before you can even press your ‘Enter’ key.

French publisher Gallimard in agreement with Rowlands have dropped the lawsuit because no financial gain was intended – very chic de votre part!