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Impressionists Then and Now: Part II

Waterlillies by Claude Monet (as seen at the Marmottan Museum in Paris)

Boat Slip 2 by Rick White

So you love the impressionists? So, do I, what I like even better is discovering the impressionists of today as opposed to the impressionists of yesteryear. If you are tired and exhausted of the ‘impressionist merchandising’ boom, you might be surprised to find some extraordinary examples of impressionism in your own backyard. You don’t necessarily have to go to Paris to enjoy the original work of talented artists in various mediums.

Rick White sent me a sneak preview of his photo abstracts which are currently on display at the Caffe Divino …37 Caledonia Street, Sausalito,
…open daily Monday thru Sunday 6:30am to 10:00pm

The show slogan and title are:

You are invited to view illusions taken out of
BoatSlip Abstracts

I couldn’t help but think of Claude Monet’s later era works when I saw Rick’s Boat Slip Abstracts. You may never own an original Monet (most of us never will) but there are new shining stars in the photo digital medium – that are out there to be discovered and cherished.

Although you’ll have to go to Sausalito to view the entire Boatslip Abstract exhibit, you can contact Rick at Auspicious Traveler for future exhibit info – hopefully soon to be seen in Paris!