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How to Impress a French Woman

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How to Impress a French Girl

parisgirlThis is much easier than you think. You don’t need to drive a flashy car, wear a Rolex or have a chateau in the country. In fact, being rich might even be a point against you.
There is one key to a French woman’s heart.
Make her laugh.
According to one very close friend who knows a thing or two about impressing a French woman, if you can make a French woman laugh, you are 90 per cent sure of a warm reception.
One friend Michelle once admitted to me “What I really appreciated about Jim (her fiance) – he taught me how to have fun.”
Life in Paris, and in France in general can be very stressful for women, from trying to pass their college entrance exams, straight through to finding the right job and eventually managing family responsibilities.
Make her laugh and you will always have a special place in her heart.
(I think this has to be true for other nationalities as well, but especially in France where women don’t care as much about the material things in life).
A recent advertisement shows couples at a speed dating cafe. The guy who wins the girl doesn’t have a car or the super IQ. He’s modest, looks around and says, “This is weird isn’t it?” Women here detest men with egos. Don’t EVER brag about how much your earn. You will lose ground quickly. Be humble. Wear a clean shirt. Be yourself.
photo by titlap