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Paris Hotel Woes

Here’s a rule of thumb when you book a hotel in Paris – if it’s not a chain hotel. Let the hotel clerk know more or less when you expect to arrive – and if possible, try to arrive before 5 or 6 pm. Don’t get caught like we did without a room for one of our guests.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this past September was chock full of events, the automobile show, fashion shows, and antique shows. Every room in the Montparnasse area has been booked for weeks. We arrived after a drive in from Normandy and a late dinner – at 10:30 pm. Our ‘reserved’ room had been reassigned. I kind of wondered when the desk clerk had refused to take our credit card. She had given us an extremely good rate (80 Euros), but when we didn’t show up between 5 and 6 pm, she decided to give the room to someone else even though she had promised to have the room available for us. If you don’t show up by a certain hour, all bets are off (unless you’re dealing with chain hotels, or the more valiant of hotel owners). In Paris, business is business.

Fortunately for Kate, we had a spare sleeping bag. You may not.