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Hotel Thefts in Paris. Who Pays?

Did you know that if your camera is stolen from your hotel room in France, the hotel management must reimburse you?
Today’s Le ParisienMa Camera a ete Volee dans ma Chambre quotes a 1952 article from the French Civil Code. Belongings that are stolen or damaged either in your hotel room or in your car parked on hotel grounds must be reimbursed up to the following limits.
100x the price of the hotel room for objects lost, stolen or damaged in the hotel room.
50x the price of the hotel room for objects lost, stolen or damaged from the car parked on the hotel premises.
Unlimited for objects lost, stolen or damaged that have been left in the hotel safe, or in the case of a maid having forgotten to lock the door after cleaning your room.
I wish my former employer, Suzanne K, had known this when all her jewelry was stolen from her hotel room on her honeymoon.
By the way, that little sign you see posted in some hotel rooms ‘We are not responsible for lost or stolen property’ is irrelevant. According to the Civil Code, the hotel management is responsible.
If you should be so unfortunate as to have objects lost, stolen or damaged, be sure to have at your fingertips a receipt listing the value of the items. Not everyone walks around with receipts for their belongings, so you might want to consider this if you plan to travel with your laptop computer, expensive camera equipment or designer clothes. If you don’t have receipts, at least take photographs of your belongings before leaving home.
BTW, we have never had items stolen from a Paris hotel room. Most thefts occur in heavy traffic areas i.e Metro stations, particularly the Chatelet exchange or at train stations.