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Hostels and Budget Hotels in Montmartre

dsc04203.jpgLamia at The Hotel New Montmartre (2 stars) (This hotel has recently been renovated)
An important part of making your stay here pleasant is finding Paris hostels or hotels where the reception staff is kind and helpful. Because we already have lodging in Paris, I can’t give you an account of the sleeping experience at some of these hostels and hotels, but I can tell you about the neighborhood and what you might expect for a front-desk reception.
Please remember to check out customer reviews and their experiences. This post is intended primarily to give you some photographic views of hostels and hotels and is definitely no substitute for talking with those who’ve actually stayed at these locations. You’ll find, particularly with hostels that guests’ impressions vary dramatically depending on their expectation level.
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First of all, the Montmartre neighborhood has plenty of charm – especially if you distance yourself from the hill-top and Place du Tertre jumble. Of course you’ll want to hike up the steps to enjoy the great view of Paris, and look at the artists’ sketches & paintings displayed on Place du Tertre, but you’ll be happy to find sleeping accommodations farther down the hill, away from the tourist crush.
Woodstock Hostel courtyard
Our first stop was at the Woodstock Hostel at 48 Rue de Rodier, Metro: Anvers. This may be one of the best prices (for singles) in town, 22 Euros per person for dorm style and 25 Euros per person for twin bunks.
Showers and toilets are located in the corridor of each floor.
The front desk reception was very warm and helpful from a young Rumanian who spoke perfect English.
dsc04172.jpgIf you want to book a room here for June, July or August, make your reservations NOW. She told me that because their rooms are inexpensive they go quickly in high season. Rue Rodier is a fairly quiet street (in the afternoon). It will take you ten to fifteen minutes to walk up to Sacre Choeur from here. The Woodstock has a pleasant lobby/bar area and an inner courtyard set up with tables.
They also have wifi service and computers available. There’s a lockbox at the front desk for valuables. Doors close at 2 am (so people can sleep!).
Village Hostel
20 Rue Oursel
Metro: Anvers
Rue Oursel is located parallel to the very busy Blvd. Rochechouart. You are much closer to Montmartre, but you will find yourself in the thick of the foot traffic going back and forth to Sacre Choeur as well as the commerce in this district famous for its bolts of cloth.
Prices here are good also, but remember that if you get a double room like at the Woodstock, you’ll be paying 30 Euros per person (with a toilet and shower in your room).
There’s an additional charge for sheets and towels as well. (2.50 Euros sheet rental, 1 Euro towel rental)
The Village also has a pleasant general lobby, sitting area and kitchen area with microwave. Internet is available. I was unable to look at a room because they were all occupied. I would suggest reading customer reviews. If you’re looking for a quiet location, this might not be your first choice, but the reception was pleasant and English is spoken.
Once again, their prices starting at 24 Euros for dorm style to 30 Euros for a double are reasonable (as long as you remember that the double is only available for 60 Euros (whether you’re one or two occupants). So let’s just call it 60 Euros plain and simple.
Hotel Caulaincourt Square
2, Square Caulaincourt
Metro: Lamarck-Caulaincourt
dsc04209.jpgThis hotel may be a little tricky to find (you need to take Rue Caulaincourt and follow it from the Metro: Lamarck-Caulaincourt until you arrive at one of Montmartre’s famed rows of steps to your left and to your right. Balanced between this split-level staircase is the cozy Square Caulaincourt. Hopefully, you’ve been carrying your belongings either in a backpack or in a small suitcase on rollers because whatever public transport you take, you’ll end up doing a bit of walking before you get to this hotel. However the location is well worth the trek. This is one of my favorite corners in Montmartre – you’re just far enough away from the kitschy tourist traps at the top of the hill and just across the street, you’ll find Les Copains D’Abord restaurant which I can recommend for hearty dinners and French music (i.e. Jacques Brel). (Les Copains D’Abord is the name of a favorite French song).
Rooms at Hotel Caulaincourt Square start at 50 Euros for one person with shower (WC down the hall) up to 89 euros for a three-person room. If the location isn’t enough to entice you, how about a friendly American smile at the front desk? During our visit, we met Reggie who hails from D.C.
View from your window (going down the steps)
Reggie, your American contact in Montmartre!
Hotel New Montmartre – New start with new renovation?
You’ll note Lamia, the receptionist at Hotel New Montmartre Hotel headlines this post – because, as I said, a good receptionist is a major element to feeling welcome in Paris. Let me just say that all the receptionists that I’ve met in the past two days have been exceptionally helpful and their English is excellent. However I do have to signal that the Hotel New Montmartre has been recently renovated. Its rates are higher than the hostels, starting at 70 Euros for 1 person and 90 Euros for 2 people. However its past customer reviews (like these) have been positively scathing in some cases. Because I didn’t get a chance to see the rooms, I can only tell you that the Montmartre location is quite good (on this, all of the customer reviews agreed). Recent reviews since its renovation are mixed – so choose this hotel only after reading the reviews. I do intend to go back to take a careful look at the rooms. The front entrance and reception area looks quite nice and one hopes that the renovation has resolved some of the complaints of past customers.
Finally, if you want to move up to 3-stars in the Montmartre area, I have it on good word-of-mouth that the
Hotel des Arts, 5 Rue Tholoze, Metro; Blanche is worth checking out.
Tel. 01 46 06 30 52
If you’re wondering why I don’t have photos of Hotel des Arts, we just ran out of steam tracking down these hotels, but not before stopping in to at least one really talented artist’s studio to admire some excellent pastels of parrots, ducks, donkeys, wildcats, ostriches, like you’ve never seen before. Olfa Bouzenad has a talent for color – be sure to check out her duck a l’orange – it’s yummier than the real thing!
Olfa Bouzenad
41, rue Lamarck 75018

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How’s this for an unusual front lobby at the Woodstock hostel?
Reception at the Village Hostel
Kitchen area at the Village Hostel
All Photos by Chris Card Fuller ©2008