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Hostel Booking Websites for Paris

hostelBecause Paris is a must-see city on so many European backpacking tours, it’s no wonder that the city is simply teeming with hostels. When you’re trying to research the best places to stay before you get there, however, that’s not always a good thing. There are so many hostels to choose from, and what’s more there are tons of hostel booking sites out there, too, offering the same Paris hostels at the same prices. Too much choice is sometimes a problem.

You may find small differences between the sites, and you’ll no doubt find one that you prefer. Some have good pictures to let you see a place before you book it. Some have decent maps and directions for how to reach the hostel from public transportation. Some will tell you how far each hostel is from major tourist attractions. The best way to figure out which hostel booking site you like best is to check them out and see for yourself.

Here are links for the Paris hostel pages on a few of the booking sites out there:

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Of course, you can also search for your Paris hostels right here on Paris Logue also.