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Have yourself a Dizzy, Disney Christmas!

Fifteen years! Is it possible that Eurodisney has been in business for fifteen years? When Disneyland Paris first came to France, some of us wondered why France? Located about a 45 minute drive to the east of Paris seemed like a crazy choice. Why not choose Germany – more accessible to Eastern Europeans – or Spain – for better year-round weather? Now, with the benefit of TGV travel, and the Eurostar connecting St. Pancras station in London to Paris – and Eurodisney, I can see how all roads eventually lead to Disney. Even the original French reticence to this American icon of entertainment seems to have softened. Likewise the Disney empire has made some concessions to appeal to its European guests.

Even though I haven’t been to Eurodisney since it first opened, the idea of spending a day at Disney’s Christmas Village (which opens December 14th ‘o7) looks tantalizing. (Open daily, starting at 4 pm) Although the chances of snow are slim, visiting a Christmas Village in a France’s crisp air climate makes much more sense than palm trees and azure blue skies of either Orlando or Anaheim.
Another good thing about the Disney Magical Christmas celebration here at Eurodisney – it doesn’t end on December 25th – it goes on straight through to January 6th (which in some European countries is the traditional day for exchanging gifts).

Here’s a hypothetical situation. You wake up on Christmas day and say, “Hey, kids, get your coats on, grab your passports, we’re going to Eurodisney in France.

Okay, so it’s hypothetical. Or you could leave in time for Christmas Eve party with the Gospel Sisters. (9:30 pm December 24th).

Or maybe you don’t have any kids and you’re trying to figure out some good excuse to go to Eurodisney?
You don’t really need an excuse – but if you did, I’d suggest New Year’s Eve disco Saturday Night Fever disco party.

BACK TO 70’s starts at 9:30 p.m on December 31st, 2007.

This exceptional theme party will include the ‘Disco Night Fever’ dance company to help recreate that seventies aura.The dance company ‘Disco Night Fever’ will accompany Guests all night long, while a ‘Disco-mobile’ spreads musical fun and flower power along the street of Disney Village.
The Sports Bar will be hosting a DJ Party and special entertainment for a festive and crazy night.
Billy Bob’s will be hosting the group DOOD from 10:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Dood’s funk and jazz blues will turn back the clock. Bring on the polyester and the disco strobe lights. At the Hurricanes night club, the seventies beat continues – Admission is 50Euros including 2 drinks and coat check.
For more details, be sure to check out the Disney Village news updates.

Even if you have no intention of hopping on a train for Eurodisney, with or without kids, taking a look at the Eurodisney site is a mini-trip in itself.

If you are thinking about making a trip to Eurodisney, it’s definitely worth checking out their ‘How to Get there’ suggestions. Visitors taking the Eurostar from London can actually purchase their Disneyland entrance passes onboard Eurostar.

For visitors landing at CDG airport, Disney shuttles can take you directly to the Disney resort.