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Happy Saint Amour

Looking for the perfect wedding date in France? How about today, August 9th? La Fete de Saint Amour is celebrated every year on August 9th. It’s kind of like Saint Valentine’s Day in the middle of the summer. What could be more appropriate and a more ideal date to get married?

When you’re in France, be sure to buy a French calendar which lists all the saints days. Many people here are named after a saint. You can call them up on their ‘name day’ to wish them ‘Bonne fete’ as opposed to ‘Happy birthday’. Normally, no gifts are given, just a greeting to let them know that you remembered their name day. Apparently, St. Amour, or St. Love, was also a martyr. However, I’ve never met anyone named ‘Love’. In any case, it’s a nice day to remember someone you love.
Bonne fete a tout le monde!