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Happy New Year, 2009!

New Year, New Directions

There’s no better time of year to count one’s blessings than the 1st of January. Never have I felt more gratitude, gratitude to have grown up in the USA, being able to receive a good education – that would eventually lead me – one day to France.

If there’s any one thing you can do for your children, or future children, encourage them to learn a second language (French, for example) and help them stay in school. If it weren’t for my parents who welcomed visitors from many parts of the world into their home – and for great grade school and high school teachers – as well as French professors at the Sorbonne – I probably wouldn’t be writing to you today about Paris.

And I also wouldn’t have been writing for the website Why Go Paris (formerly and for the past five years without the teamwork of members. If you’re not already a Bootsnall member, I strongly encourage you to spend some time at the Bootsnall site and take advantage of all the travel forums, travel blogs that manage to cover just about every remote corner of the world you could possibly imagine.

If you’ve been a Why Go Paris reader for the past few years, you’ve already noticed how the home staff is constantly retooling the site to answer the questions foremost on your mind – especially if this may be your ‘trip of a lifetime’ or first time trip to Paris. Once you know how you’ll get here, where you’ll stay and where you can afford to eat a good meal, we’ve wanted to bring a little slice of Parisian living to you – even before you hop on an airplane.

But most importantly, for those who’ve ever dreamed about Paris, but never thought that dream could ever become a reality, we want to make sure you are convinced that dreams do come true.

As the site has evolved over time – so will my participation. While, Julie and Jessica will be sharing with you great posts about Paris neighborhoods, restaurants and hotels, I intend to remain your liason with the City of Light. That means that even though you will not see Parisgirl posts on a regular basis – I’m still here and available for members who need specific advice, or would like a personal welcome. Those with whom I’ve spoken at the recent 10 year anniversary party know that I’m here for you!

Bootsnall remains Parisgirl’s FAVORITE travel community – simply because the community is first and foremost about people who love to travel – with no pretensions, no ulterior motives, and an excellent world perspective.

Have a healthy and fulfilling 2009!
Yours, in travel,